So who can benefit?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Anyone with more ideas than time & resources

  • CEOs
  • Self employed

For the first time I really saw all our opportunities laid out in front of us in a way that made absolute sense and massively simplified the process of deciding what we should and should not be trying to do.

We immediately dumped one project the minute we saw where it lay on the matrix and to be honest now I could not justify why we had not done this sooner. This alone has saved us several times what Andrew charged for the day, and we have spent the last week really refining what we are doing and why based on his output.

Excellent service, delivered very very professionally, money very well spent.

Highly recommend that anyone who wants some additional clarity in their business speak to Andrew.

John F Galvin
Enterprise Drupal SEO - IO1 Ltd

I recently completed the Opportunity Matrix analysis and coaching with Andrew – and what an amazing experience it was! The system is incredibly easy to use, flexible and provides an intuitive graphical output. The results easily passed the “gut feel” test. Best of all, Andrew’s questions really get you thinking about what is important to you as an individual, to your business and to your profitability For the first time in over 4 years I have real clarity about my product line – what needs to be developed, where the opportunities really are – and more importantly where the money will be coming from! We discovered a possible £150k product line that I was ignoring and identified the most mature products to bring to market first to get best leverage for the whole range of services.

If you have a too many projects up in the air and not enough resources to land any of them Opportunity Matrix is an essential tool to help you get the clarity, focus and direction you need to take confident action.

Call today because it’ll be well worth your time!

David Walters
Stress & Resilience Coach

I have recently worked through the ‘Opportunity Matrix™’ tool which has been invaluable in helping me clarify my priorities.

Andrew Horder (consultant) is highly insightful, provides a wealth of good advice and has a very relaxed, easy style. He really brings the tool to life and helps you apply it to your unique circumstances.

I would strongly recommend that you take full advantage of what is a very good value proposition to take your business forward and help you manage and prioritise your time effectively.

John Standloft
Ethical Property Buyers

Opportunity Matrix … has been extremely helpful in determining which projects should be given my top priority and will consequently save and make me a lot of money

Neil Urquhart
International Trainer & Consultant

“The matrix cleverly distinguishes the financial side of things from the other issues that might affect your choice. I liked the fact that I was able to go back and reappraise my categorisation and rankings of the options and criteria. Ultimately though I found that the choices I needed to make were quite stark. It was really helpful to know that I had been through what is, I suppose, a scientific process.

I particularly liked the colour coding and the different sized balls that appeared in each of the four boxes on the final graph.

What was interesting for me was not that the confirmation that my new venture was worthy of the time I have spent developing it but that I needed to face up to real life. The matrix has helped me to rationalise my various activities and to focus on those that best meet my various criteria. The matrix is a sophisticated decision making tool that I guess every entrepreneur, consultant and trainer would find very useful if they do not yet focus on a specific niche.”

Mark Lee

“Opportunity Matrix … enables the user to differentiate and prioritise business plans.

I spent several hours with Andrew recently and applied 6 projects to the matrix – I am now focusing on just 3 of them! The rest are “back burners” not because they are unimportant, just that the ones I am focusing on are the ones that are giving me what I currently need.

It was an eye opener; I had been struggling to maintain the correct amount of time on the projects which mean more to me because I was trying to do everything at once! This exercise has provided clarity, challenge and a perspective of the future development of my business – all in a simple to use, very well explained few hours.

I will be using Andrew again for sure, when these current projects are underway properly!”

Joan Callaghan
Keeping businesses in business