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Why do I need your details? Simple, inside, I'll be sharing lots of the secrets I've learned over the years of getting the most value - for clients and for me - from the Matrix.  And I want to know who I'm sharing them with!

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John Galvin

For the first time I really saw all our opportunities laid out in front of us in a way that made absolute sense and massively simplified the process of deciding what we should and should not be trying to do ...

John Galvin, IO1
Dave Walters

If you have a too many projects up in the air and not enough resources to land any of them Opportunity Matrix is an essential tool to help you get the clarity, focus and direction you need to take confident action ...

Dave Walters, Pressure Resilience Trainer
Mark Lee

The matrix has helped me to rationalise my various activities and to focus on those that best meet my various criteria. The matrix is a sophisticated decision making tool that I guess every entrepreneur, consultant and trainer would find very useful ...

Mark Lee, Book Mark Lee

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(this opportunity is all about getting more Licensed Facilitators isn't it?)

Simple!  This is the first release of this powerful coaching tool to other professional coaches and business advisors.  The plus side of that is that you will have no competition for this highly lucrative service.

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