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12 Steps to Laser Focus

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Opportunity Matrix screens
  • Do you totally love your work?

  • Does your heart sing at the prospect of going to the office?

  • If you didn’t need to work, would you still do what you do now?

  • Will the work you love make you wealthy and give you the lifestyle you deserve?

There are far too many people in the world who are just “going through the motions” with their work – it doesn’t really give them a buzz, and they’ve got stuck in a kind of a rut.  So they’ll never be great at what they do.

And there are far too many people out there who absolutely adore their bright new idea – they live and breathe their business … and it will never make them the kind of money they need.  So they’ll never get wealthy doing what they’re great at.

Opportunity Matrix™ is a great new tool to help you pick the right opportunities for you, the ones that answer the two big business questions:

  • How much do I want to do this?
  • Will I make any money at it?

Everything else is detail – the marketing plans, operational structures, finance, accounting – all irrelevant if you don’t really want to do it or it’s not going to make you money.


I know what you're thinking ...

… this isn’t going to be one of those great long sales pages is it?  Well, I’m passionate about getting you doing what you love for a living, and making a great living doing what you love, so I do tend to go on a bit.  I’ll break off for a second to tell you what you want to know … what’s your investment to get yourself focused?

The DIY tool starts from as little as £95.  Or if you’re really serious about getting focused on the best opportunities for you, there’s the personally-coached one-to-one program starting at just £375.

If that sounds too much to invest to start making some real progress on your path to wealth, stop reading now!


Serious about success ...

Great, now we’ve established you’re the kind of person who actually does something and knows you have to take serious action to make serious progress, so how does Opportunity Matrix get you moving?


To find out how Opportunity Matrix™ could help you to prioritise all your opportunities, so you concentrate all your time, money, effort and resources on just the best ones, take 5 minutes to watch the video:


How can it help me?

What Clients Have Said ...

John Galvin

For the first time I really saw all our opportunities laid out in front of us in a way that made absolute sense and massively simplified the process of deciding what we should and should not be trying to do ...

John Galvin, IO1
Dave Walters

If you have a too many projects up in the air and not enough resources to land any of them Opportunity Matrix is an essential tool to help you get the clarity, focus and direction you need to take confident action ...

Dave Walters, Pressure Resilience Trainer
Mark Lee

The matrix has helped me to rationalise my various activities and to focus on those that best meet my various criteria. The matrix is a sophisticated decision making tool that I guess every entrepreneur, consultant and trainer would find very useful ...

Mark Lee, Book Mark Lee

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