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Business Strategy Coaching Tool

OPPORTUNITY MATRIX™ uses a powerful analysis to create an easy-to-understand picture of which projects are going to be the best to take you and your business where you want to go.

How does it work?

Using a balanced scorecard approach, the tool takes you through the process of rating your projects on two dimensions:

Attractiveness (PASSION)

  • How much do you want to do the project
  • How motivated are you to make it work?


  • How likely are you to make the project work
  • Will you actually make some money at it?

Your ratings are plotted onto a simple-to-understand chart, helping you to see clearly which opportunities to focus on first.

Opportunity Matrix decision tool grid

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It’s important to realise that the online analysis tool is just that – a tool. The real work – and benefit – comes from the thought process you have to go through to fill in the data. We find that clients get the most out of Opportunity Matrix when they get somebody else – maybe your business coach or mentor – to question and challenge the criteria they define and the scoring they give each opportunity.


Having to explain your thinking to someone else often surfaces assumptions and reveals holes in the logic, which is why the best programmes we offer involve either face-to-face meetings or telephone and web-based sessions with a consultant. To see the value previous clients have gained from their programmes, see the “Clients” page.

To find out how Opportunity Matrix™ could help you to prioritise all your opportunities, so you concentrate your time and resources on the best ones, just watch the 7-minute video at the top of this page.

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