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Fantastic First Sale

Opportunity Matrix™ makes an excellent first sale to a business client.  It solves an immediate and pressing problem, demonstrates your knowledge and skill, and allows you to uncover hidden assumptions that are holding them back.  And gives you useful information.

Make Money with a Facilitator License

  • New Clients

    Easy primary sale to business clients simplifying new client acquisition
  • More Profit

    Lucrative follow-on work, additional work and contracts from new and existing customers
  • Time-Saving

    Quickly identify your clients’ best opportunities and strategies
  • Simplify

    Complex rating algorithm does the hard work for you, you focus on the client and their issues

Help Clients with Opportunity Matrix

  • Balance

    Optimum mix of Passion and Profit for your client
  • Communication

    Create a common language and shared understanding for the business
  • Clarity

    Simple visual output for quick and easy client decisions
  • Confidence

    Simple decision-making rules give clients the confidence to perform and achieve great results

4 Ways to Get Involved

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Up to 1000% ROI!

Opportunity Matrix™ programs sell for up to $1500 - maybe more!  And you can start from as little as $150 (with the special launch discount), so just one client could net you a 1000% (10x) return on your investment

Excellent Discovery Process

While you are guiding your client through the Matrix, you are uncovering the issues facing their business, and surfacing the hidden assumptions that are holding them back.

"Sneaky" Coaching

While the client's conscious mind is focusing on criteria and analysis, you can communicate with their unconscious and help them resolve blocks and unhelpful beliefs.

More Work For You, More Results For Clients

Because Opportunity Matrix™ is such a powerful process, that means that clients get even better results.  And it means you get to help them more, with the issues that going through the Matrix brings to the surface.  Good, isn't it?

A Genuine Win-Win

You get more work from the client, and the client makes more money!

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